Friday, August 14, 2009

Lake Powell, West Canyon Panoramic

A night shot panoramic illuminated by the moon. I know it looks like daylight but trust me you can see the stars in the larger version. This is a panoramic of 5 images stitched together. Its about 180 degree from left to right. Click on it to make larger.

PS. To all of my 4 or 5 readers and followers. I own a boat. If anyone interested in wanting to take a photographic trip to Lake Powell all you have to do is pay me lots of money for gas, food and help with base camp. Large format or DSLR coaching and training is another story. I would love to go back on a photo mission. Late September and early October are great times to be there. Warm days, cool nights and the water temperature is in the low 70's. Lets plan a trip! :-)


deannadent said...

Alright Brad I have a couple of mistakes to point out . . .

1. You most definitely have more than 4 or 5 followers and starting with your new stint as professor there is no doubt going to be many more.

2. You invited me, well everyone, but I am most definitely taking you up on that when I get back . . . will November be too cold?

btw the panorama is beautiful, I hope to learn a lot more form you on the art of landscape photography, you are so good at it.

Brad Armstrong said...

Thank you Deanna. November? Hmmmmm

Zak Saenz said...

Nice shot. I may be up for the trip depending on if I can afford it :~)