Saturday, September 5, 2009

I just concluded a project called Picturing Maricopa paid for by the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust. This is the cover page of a PDF portfolio I created for the project.

Below is the project in their words from the press release.

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust is presenting a community photography project called Picturing Maricopa. Few nonprofit organizations have budgets that allow them to hire professional photographers. Yet, we know that quality photography is essential to “tell their stories” to clients, partners and potential donors.

Piper Trust has designed Picturing Maricopa to hire Valley professional photographers to photograph Maricopa County nonprofit organizations. We hope the project will showcase some of the most talented photographers in the Phoenix area. Piper Trust will hire a group of 15 local photographers, based on the recommendations of an advisory selection committee, and assign each to take photographs of one of 15 human service agencies sometime over the summer. The goal is to capture the essence of each organization’s mission through images.

At the conclusion of the project the Advisory Committee will make final selections of all the photographs turned in and a print exhibit will put on display. The time and location has yet to be determined.

Now is that cool or what!

I was matched up with the non-profit medical group called Clinica Adelante based in Surprise, AZ..

Clinica Adelante is a full-service medical group who serves out-lying and under-served areas of Maricopa County. I visited clinics in Buckeye, Sun City and Surprise. I also followed two families to their homes.

I hope to post more on the project as we get closer to the print exhibit.

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