Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lake Powell & Family

View from the back of the boat.

Houseboat bathing.


My nephew's family watches the sunset at Lake Powell.

Nephew's son Brett



My son Jason casting his line out.

Jason and his wife MaryBeth.

My son Christopher photographing Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Christopher and Stephanie at Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Jason and MaryBeth at Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Stephanie and MaryBeth walking to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Nephew's son Tate

Tate hanging out with the big boys fishing.

Jason on the back of the houseboat.

Christopher throws the towel over his headafter a swim.

Stephanie and Christopher bust out some dance moves.

Left to right, Jason, MaryBeth, Lorie, Stephanie and Christopher on our way to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Lorie looking at the magnificent sandstone cliffs.

Nephew's son Tate.



I took an extended family vacation to Lake Powell last week with fourteen family members. We all rented a 60 foot houseboat. That sounds huge but it is actually pretty tight quarters for a group this size. These are some of the photographs from the trip. When I get the time to edit them I will post some night scenic shoots. They're interesting because they look like daylight photographs due to the full moon.


Ashley Lowery said...

What a beautiful portrait, Brad.

Brad Armstrong said...

Thanks Ashley. I hope your doing well.