Monday, November 23, 2009

Tempe Town Lake Ironman 2009

On my way I saw this man standing inside this empty business space watching the Ironman.

Shannon well on her way to a 10:48 minute Finish WOW! Congratulations to you.

Runner and spectators under Mill Avenue bridge.

Runner and spectators under Mill Avenue bridge

Runner and spectators can get really close under Mill Avenue bridge

Young women in the light.

Lorie is the Energizer bunny. Funny someone would give her this hat.

Lorie and Evona cheering friends

Carl finishes in 10:47 . That is impressive. Congratulations.

Shannon center with all her best friends at the finisher area.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Master in Photography Joel Meyerowitz

Cronkite School Photojournalism 351 and 451

This is New York City photographer Joel Meyerowitz. I was extremely fortunate to have Joel as a guest speaker tonight in my Photojournalism 451 class at Arizona State University's, Walter Cronkite School of Mass Communications and Journalism.

What an incredible treat to listen to a master. His photographic body of work spans 45 years. With 17 photographic books published, two Guggenheim Fellowships an NEA (National Endowment of the Arts) grant and many other rewards his appearance to our class was hugely significant.

His approach to his work and the clarity of thought is extraordinary. If you're familiar with his work or have listened to him speak you will understand what I mean. If you're not familiar with his work check out the links below.

He began his career as a street photographer in New York City were he earned the respect of curators, scholars and fellow photographers. More recently his documentation of ground zero. Meyerowitz spent 9 months documenting the aftermath with a large format 8 X 10 inch view camera. His photographs have been seen by over 4 million people all over the world.

His latest work is a documentary record of all New York City Parks creating an archive of New York City’s 29,000 acres of parkland. It is the first long term visual documentation of NYC parks since the 1930’s when they were photographed as part of Franklin Roosevelt’s WPA program. His book is titled Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks and is sold by Aperture.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photo's from the big island of Hawaii

MaryBeth walking on a black sand beach.

MaryBeth and Stephanie hanging loose as Jason and Chris body surf.

Stephanie and MaryBeth chatting it up as Chris enjoys life.

Lorie at a fruit stand.

MaryBeth receives a kiss from a random horse in a field.

Jason and Maybeth get their picture taken at South Point.

South Point, the Southern most tip of the United States.

Chris photographing from the mens room.

Lorie enjoys the wet worth of a volcanic steam vent.

After a very long day of supporting Lorie during the World Championship Ironman competition we all get back to our condo exhausted.

This is a selection of photo's that I thought were a little different then my usual vacation photos.

The old self-timer family portait.

How many self-timer family portraits have I taken over the years? So many that everyone time I say "lets take a family portrait" everyone starts complaining in unison. Then I discovered lets have fun and act out for the photo. So here you go, a new way of doing something old. Act away.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lorie Armstrong conquers the Ironman

Courtesy ASIPhoto

Courtesy ASIPhoto

Courtesy ASIPhoto

Courtesy ASIPhoto

Courtesy ASIPhoto

Courtesy ASIPhoto

Courtesy ASIPhoto

Courtesy ASIPhoto

Many of the Photo's above are courtesy of Action Sports International, ASIPhoto. They had photographers all over the course making great pictures.
I have tried so many times to make good pictures of Lorie but honestly it is very difficult to be a fan and a photographer at the same time.

My wife Lorie of 30 years conquered the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii Oct 10, 2009. She finished 19th out of 30 women in her age group 55 to 59. The World Championships is a huge accomplishment and she definitely deserves my unabashed respect. She is truly amazing. Way to go kid.

East Valley Tribune annouces closure

As many of you know my former employer The East Valley Tribune announced last week they are shutting the doors Dec. 31, 2009. The Tribune in one form or another has been in the East Valley since 1891.

I hear so many people speculating on why the industry is failing. Most people blame the internet. I just smile and nod my head. In a way everyone is right. The changes are a culmination of many events that have finally come to fruition. The loses are just too deep. Personally the news of the Tribune shutting down isn't a surprise but it still saddens me none the less.