Friday, August 14, 2009

Lake Powell landscape

Sunset West Canyon, Lake Powell.

On one night the sunset was just right where this cliff turn deep saturated red. When all things come together the sunset at Lake Powell can be magnificent.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Most people don't realize this but the monument is a 50 mile boat ride up-lake from the Waweap Marina. Gas is very expensive at the marinas. Almost 5 bucks a gallon and the boats drink it a cold beer on a hot day.

A moon lit night after a little fishing.

A front rolls in that lasting almost two days. The national weather service issued wind advisories. We had wind gusts up to 45 mph.

Another sunset that didn't really pan-out, but was still nice none-the-less.

The next four images are shot at 10pm at night. The light is created by a full moon. Click on the pictures below and you can see the stars.

Moon light.

Moon Light.

Moon light.

The environment is so fragile there. Plant life struggles to live in the harsh environment.

This was not the kind of trip that I would call a photo-mission. It was primarily a family gathering. The objective was to visit family, relax and have fun. So, most of the photography I took was happy-snap in nature. Being the obsessive photographer that I am, I did manage to take a few pictures that I would like to share. Nothing great! Just cool pics of such a strange place at different times of the day and night.

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