Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last week my friend and old neighbor Rodney called me up to tell me his daughter Catherine is graduating from high school. He asked me if I could shoot some pictures of her for her graduation invitations. Of course, I said yes. I used to live directly across the street from Rodney so we’ve had plenty of early morning coffee’s breaks together. He also is a contractor so he has bailed me out of plenty of household emergencies like burst pipes and so on. It was the least I could do for all he has done for me.

I think this is my favorite shot from the session. We started inside there home and did some formal portraits at the piano and then moved to the local park. Since the light was fleeting we really didn’t have a lot of time. We had to work pretty fast at this point.

What I like about this image is that she looks great ans she’s right on the edge of the fleeting sun light. I like how the grass and her arms are in shadow and her face is right on the edge of the light. For me, it made for a perfectly lit environmental portrait.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This Sarah, a beautiful young lady and an aspiring ballerina who gave me the opportunity to photograph her a couple of weeks ago.

I'm a full-time commercial photographer here in Phoenix. As a commercial photographer I find myself taking a lot of portraits of business people. I really wanted to photograph a young person to add some diversity to my portfolio. I asked a friend of mine who is a dance teacher at a local high school if she new anyone that would be interested in a photo session with me. In return I traded for a signed model release and I provide a nice selection of prints. I got more then I could have wished for. This is one of our favorites.