Sunday, December 21, 2008

19 years and 9 months. The End!

Walking out for the last time! 19 years and 9 months.

This is my last post from the Tribune. I'm done! Photographer Ralph Freso took this picture Thursday December 18, 2008 as I walked out the front door for the last time. I look at this picture with mixed emotion. I don't know if I look tired or I just feel tired! Either way I'm glad it is finally over. The Tribunes business solutions are not mine and nether are the problems. I wish them well. I have given all I can and now I must move on and let go.

Ironically the name of my blog is Transformations. Wow! Who new it would be a word that describes my life. A terrifically talented man Andy Sawyer who is a former Tribune photographer himself used that word when describing some of my personal work. I loved the analogy and it stuck. Kudos to you Andy, I always new your a genius!

Moving forward! This part of my story hasn't been written yet. I am excited about my future. It is time to shed the old skin.


bk katz said...

there's a big old empty spot where you used to sit. and in the hearts of all the people who used to work with you. and how the hell am i supposed to find archive photos from 1963 in the system now?

it's like being at a funeral. he's gone on to a better life, they say. and i think maybe that's true. so why do we all feel so sad?

i'll always carry around happy memories of the time you tackled the guy on the canal in the course of a photo shoot, and managed to capture a portrait of barry goldwater so perfect that i thought it was embarrassing to run it with the crappy reproduction of a newspaper.

but mostly i'll remember the smile i always got when i asked for yet another impossible photo request, knowing that you'd somehow pull it off. and the way you made work fun.

with much admiration and impossibly high hopes for your future,
gary smith

p.s. i'm not kidding about that archive photo, dammit. 6 p.m. deadline. get it.


It's a beautiful photo and I am so glad you are smiling! Sometimes that is the first step! Go get em and have fun doing it. Best of everything to you and THANK YOU!