Monday, December 1, 2008

Understanding the sublime to the ridiculous


the hug

Mert and Herman act like they own the coach!

brothers and sisters tour the coach

Trying to understand what I am doing and why I'm doing it isn't crystal clear even in my own mind. While, I enter a new phase of my life, I am trying to develop a vision that reveals life as I see it.

This time my intent is to work intellectually without interruption from outside influences. It is creative independence. A liberation from institutional norms and burdens.

In a sense these are stand alone feature photographs. But, it is also anti-peak action. It is the dance of life in its transitional movements and moments. Perhaps it's quit rather than in you face. It may not be the quick read where a schooled photographer might say "nice".

I'm trying to develop a continued heightened sense for the sublime. I think, I have always been attracted to it, it's just difficult to identify and capture. To see it isn't an unintentional accident. It is a skill set that requires experience. Sometimes it takes maturity to evolve!

Does the image translate to the viewer? Is it a snap shot or an out take that is over looked? Is it misunderstood or is it just a bad photograph? Whether or not it translates in my work is a continuing challenge.

These are some recent pics from Thanksgiving in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

They are actually the motor coach tour and the event surrounding the actual departure of family.

Sublime: adjective: used to denote the extreme or unparalleled nature of a person's attitude or behavior / excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe



love the last two. In the first to last they are motioning the same to what seems to be the same person and the last one reminds me of a revolving door except its an rv. In one direction, out the other, ring around the rv...too funny.

Ashley Lowery said...

I totally get it. You seem to be finding it. Keep looking for them.