Wednesday, December 17, 2008

East Valley Tribune update

Things are winding down for me at the Tribune. I have passed the proverbial torch to Mr. Webb, now chief photographer. I am no longer going to work as an editor or manager. I am finishing out my time by taking my remaining vacation days until the transition date of January 2.

It is surreal to know it is finally over and the anxiety will wane away soon. Now the work begins for a new career and a renewed happiness.

Wow! This has been a long and hard thing to go through. I must say thank you to all my friends who have said incredibly nice things to me recently. I love you all and appreciate the friendship I have with you. I am truly a blessed man.

All kinds of parties and reunions this past week. It has been wonderful. I saw reporters and former friends that I worked with 20 years ago. Just amazing. We have this journalism thing in common that brings us together. What a resource we need to have gatherings more often. It felt good.

Enough for know I will be back soon.

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