Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tempe Arts Festival

Jenn wearing a paper hat from the kids craft corner.

Passing through the light.

Cowboy shopper!

Bird in a hand.

Walking past the walking mural.

This Pitt Bull just stood there holding his collar in his mouth.

From Hooters Mill Ave and 5th Street.

The police and fire department bagpipe crew.

This is the most fun I have had in a long time photographing. Just shooting without a care one.

I spent the day in downtown Tempe with my wife and a friend enjoying the art, food, people and perfect weather.


Tony Blei said...

Welcome to my world! It's so nice to see you found some joy.

deannadent said...

oh my . . . you would be at hooters Brad :)
pics look great, i like the hat one best

Bettina Hansen said...

it is great to see you shooting again. I like the passing through the light and the bird in hand ones the best. see you soon.