Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lake Powell soundslide

Click on the image to view Lake Powell soundslide


Brad Armstrong said...

After constructive critiques, I went back to the drawing board and created new music. I think this is better. What do you think know?

Ashley Lowery said...

I like having the voiceover- a lot. Your pace was good and I like the description. One thing- I don't know if it was my computer or the quality of how you recorded it, but your voice sounded like the creepy guy in silence of the lambs -"it puts the lotion on its skin"

Heidi Huber said...

Too much freaked out 80s rock for the new music. Down tempo. Think about the majestic views, and you'll want music that complements that, and not distracts from it.

Bettina Hansen said...

I like it! Very much so. I thought your voiceover was natural; I felt like we were just sitting around talking. The screen comes close (close!) to the real images but the backlit slides are so beautiful. Digital photo is amazing, but film... still such an art!

Brad Armstrong said...

This is a reply to Heidi's critique.

I like this music the way it is. Maybe as I get better producing garage band music I might change my mind as I evolve. As for now, I'm digging it!

The music is upbeat and hits hard right from the get go. I'm trying to get your attention.

The intro music is less than 10 seconds and than it falls off as it transitions into the narrative.

As a result of the responses I got from the first attempt, I didn't want Viagra music again.

I hope this helps you understand the where its coming from.