Monday, July 28, 2008

National Day of the Cowboy

Last weekend was National Day of the Cowboy. With all good intention Lorie, our sons dog Nixon, and I went to Sedona, Az..
We were to check out the western festivities. About 6 miles from Sedona we ran into stand still traffic. After 40 minutes and only going 2 and half miles we started to think this is going to suck big time. So I feel like shit because this was my idea when Lorie leans over and said, you won't break my heart if we turn around and do something else. Thank God, that was my out. We turned around and headed back to I-17 and headed North. We thought about Flagstaff, but we didn't fell like being in the car all day. Stoneman Lake exit was a mile up the road and that looked fine to use. So the day was spent sitting around letting the dog run and enjoying beautiful scenery, Oh and we did drive by some people on horseback that satisfy out National Day of the Cowboy requirement. All ends well!

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Ashley Lowery said...

I love the pic of your dog with your wife sippin' from the waterpack