Saturday, August 16, 2008

Monsoon Storms

I saw lightning last night to the North and South of the Valley. It has been a while since I've photographed a decent storm. The cell to the North dissipated quickly, so I headed south also to find storms moving away from me. Since the lightning sucked, I tried to make a couple of frames anyway. In an attempt to make the shot a little more interesting I decided to jump into the frame. I think it helped the overall image but what I realized, is that I'm balder than I thought.


Bettina Hansen said...

I always realize I have bigger lovehandles than I thought... and I have been struggling to get the perfect weather shot, cause the lighting always sucks by the time I get set up!

deannadent said...

The first shot is amazing and the colors blow my mind. Do you want to shoot some 4by5 stuff anytime soon?