Thursday, August 14, 2008


Photo by Tom Boggan

Tribune staff photographer Paul O'Neill and I walked to Subway today when we began a conversation that lead to a LOL Quote of the Day.

I said, Paul I know enough to have opinions about a lot of things. I also don't know shit about a lot of things. I guess that makes me full-of-shit half the time.

Paul said, Brad, I think that makes you an expert.

Six inch meatball please!


deannadent said...

oh my gosh Brad . . . you ARE the expert. I think I've just become a fan lately of the bare asses and the pole dancing . . . I find myself sad if I can't post a butt once a week :)

Bettina Hansen said...

love the photo... and I guess I have no choice but to agree, cause anyone that openly acknowledges that they are full-of-shit half the time, must be much more honest than most.

deannadent said...

The photo just adds so much Brad :)