Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anna Berman Model

I had some fun last night hanging out with some photographers doing a model shoot for their portfolio's. I wasn't a scheduled shooter but I was there waiting for a chance to make some images of my own. This is Anna Berman a model from Tucson who was working with a group of photographers to improve their skills and possibly come away with new portfolio images.

I'm "coming out" so-to-speak and announcing that I have come to a conclusion that I am a photojournalist with a heavy slant toward fine art. Maybe you knew that already. dah! I like photography that challenges the imagination. In some cases I can produce it. In most I see it then shoot it.

The two photo above are just that. Of course the kitchen shot is produced but the sitting shot was made when Anna was waiting for her next shoot. In both cases they have a surreal feel that I am attracted too. I love the hunt.


cameratakesphotos said...

I think that the best photojournalists are also artists - It's a magic combination. Love the shots!

Pat Shannahan said...

Nice images Brad. I really like one of her sitting down. Also, The pictures from Flagstaff are really nice also.


You are really making things happen! Love the images!