Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize Winners

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Today was an incredible day! I was fortunate to be invited back to the East Valley Tribune to celebrate and pay respects to Ryan Gabrielson and Paul Giblin who just won the Pulitzer Price for Local Reporting. This was the first Pulitzer for the East Valley Tribune in its 100-year history. They were awarded the prize for a five-part series called Reasonable Doubt. The project exposed how police protection suffered as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio focused his resources on combating illegal immigration.

It was truly a wonderful occasion but at the same time sadly ironic because so many people who were involved in the project no longer work there. But this was an occasion to celebrate. It was all smiles and hugs and pure celebration for Ryan and Paul winning the highest award in Journalism.

You’ve heard it when something is a success it’s everyone’s baby. Well, I can confirm that was the case at the Tribune Tuesday April 21, 2009. We even heard from an old Publisher Terry Horn on the speakerphone congratulating everyone. He was publisher for a few months early in 2008 before moving on to the troubled Orange County Register. Truthfully I don’t remember him having a presence during this project but he spoke like he was the main man. Honestly the current Publisher Julie Moreno was present and needs to tell alpha male Terry, I got this.

Everyone who had a hand in this project wanted to rub elbows with Ryan and Paul and share in their fantastic moment in the spotlight. Personally I couldn’t be happier for them. For me, I am honored to have worked with such passionate, dedicated professionals. I wish Ryan and Paul a great life and continued success.

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Morgan said...

I remember looking at that project when it first came out, and being completely blown away by the magnitude of it. I am honored to have had one of my photos show up in one tiny section of a pretty enormous story.