Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Human Paint Brush

Painting with hair

iphone photos of a human paint brush and artist working

I went to Creative Connect last night in Scottsdale. It was held at the Zischke Studio. Mr Zischke, dipped a woman's hair into a bucket of black paint while she was suspended by her feet. He then swung her over large pieces of art paper while her hair was soaked in paint. He made sweeping shape and splatter on the paper with her wet hair as the paint brush. Interesting way to paint with out a doubt and fascinating to watch.


Morgan said...

Neat. I almost went to that! But I have a good excuse, I was doing another photo-related thing.

Anonymous said...

jaja Brad you are definitely getting around now . . . POST MORE PHOTOS THOUGH! I miss seeing your work . . . :(