Monday, March 23, 2009

New website comming in days I hope

It seems tough to find the time to keep the blog a going these days. I apologize to those who read this on a regular basis. I have been working hard getting my new web site updated and finalized. I am seriously hoping to have a launch by March 26.

I must tell you it's a lot of work to find the photo's you want, edit them down to my very best and prepare them for final presentation. It sounds easy enough but it really isn't. I have thousands of pictures I have taken of the years. Fortunately, I am fairly organized.

The web sites content is very important to me of course so I don't want to dilute the good work I have with mediocre work. It's a long process as is everything I'm finding out is these days.

Once this is done, I hope to move forward and begin to market myself more than I have. Hopefully I'll find some clients who can appreciated what I can do for them. I can't wait to get working again.

In starting a business as subjective as this their are days when things are moving along as planned and their are other days you feel like you haven't accomplished a thing. Like my friend told me once when its time to look back you'll see you have done a lot, its just not so easy to see at times.

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