Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good God!

Do you ever think your getting ahead? Sometimes I think yes but with every turn their is another learning curve just waiting to stop me in my tracks. Here's one for you!

I'm trying to use Slideshow Pro for Lightroom so I can use slide shows on my web site. Sounds great right, but their is a small problem that leaves me in a perpetual state of frustration.

First you get slideshow Pro software. Yip Pee !!!!!! I got it for Lightroom so I can integrate into my work flow. Yip Pee again!

I'm off an running! BUT WAIT! Not so fast this is to good to be true. All of the sudden the gallery I'm working on disappears. OK! I'll wait, it just rendering or doing something in the background. Five minutes is all I can wait. Its not working! The slide show I am modifying disappears again and again. Restart! Start all over. Time and time again something goes wrong and it doesn't work.

So like a good man I go to slideshow Pro to look for trouble shooting. I found a user forum. I'm thinking OK lets take a look. To my surprise there are thousands of posts. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &%$()$@_%##@^(^(*^&$.

Now I have to learn how to navigate my way through the forums. Jesus, mother of God can I ever catch a break.

This is hardly an endorsement for slideshow pro. Why is it that software companies sell software that have bugs and it's up to the users to figure out the work around. This frustrates me to know end.

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