Monday, March 23, 2009

Fish Creek

Fish Creek Bridge

My wife Lorie Fish Creek, Arizona

The first time I went to Fish Creek I was a freshman or a sophomore at Phoenix College. OK that was either Hmmmmmm 1973 or 74. I have been there many times since but it has been a long time since the last time, maybe 15 years.

It was brought to my attention immediately that my legs aren't what the used to be. I didn't remember it being so primitive. It took us (Toru, Donna, their 2 dogs, Lorie, Nixon our sons dog and myself) close to an hour to go 1/4 of a mile back into this canyon. Granted we stopped and looked at every little pool there was. But still its a very ruff trail covered completely with giant boulders, medium boulders, small stones and sand. As a matter of fact there isn't at trail at all. You're blazing your own trail for most part. Over rocks the size of cars and back and forth through the creek. There isn't a smooth section anywhere. As a result not a lot of people go back there. It's primitive, beautiful, extreme and hasn't changed at all in all those years.

** If you bring dogs please pick up after them. Dog poo is not native to the natural environment so please leave nothing behind.

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