Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My wife is an Ironman

Lorie Ironman Nov. 2008

My wife (Lorie) is an Ironman athlete! Some know this already and some may not. Lorie qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii coming this Oct. 2009. She qualified when she place 2nd in her age group (55-59) at the Tempe Town Lake Ford Ironman last Nov. 2008. Lorie is 55.

I would like to tell you a little about her since I’m going to put her blog and website links on my blog. Her links will be the only links that has nothing to do with photography on my blog.

Her racing career began at the age of 48 when our kids were grown and in the process of moving out. We were in the beginning stages of becoming empty nester's.

At first, Lorie couldn't run more than 200 yards without stopping to recover. Her goal was to compete in an Ironman race by her 50th birthday. With that in mind she had a long road in front of her literally.

She found people and organizations that had like-minded people with similar goals. Today, Lorie has a core group of friends that I think would die for each other if they had to. This core group spends a lot of time suffering together which has cemented an incredible bond. Lorie's accomplishments wouldn't be possible without these people.

Since her humble beginnings Lorie has finished 4 Ironman competitions and close to a hundred smaller triathlons from Sprint, Olympic and Half-Ironman distances. The Ironman race for those that don't know consists of three disciplines a 2.4-mile swim; 112-mile bike and a 26.2-mile run consecutively equaling 140.6 miles. This is a serious race that tests your physical and mental conditioning.

Lorie has begun a blog about her training and her journey to the World Championships. She also has started a website with the help of a Bob Fabey. Her website is about her accomplishments but it is also a place to learn about corporate sponsorship. These are exciting times for her and I would love to support and promote her in any way I can. So check out her sites and as usual leave a comment if you feel compelled to do so. She would love to hear from you. Thanks

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