Monday, May 26, 2008

Retrospective and Affirmation

I have been working on my page. The link is on this blog called Portfolios. It is a long process to look at years of work and attempt to edit your work down to a reasonable number of images. The photographs are not intended to get me a job, they are more a retrospective and an affirmation that what I did mattered. I’m almost 100 percent certain I did the best I could. It is a work in progress so keep checking from time to time.

Moving forward I found this in the my archives and did some pre-visualization. I toned it on greenish side in an attempt to add tension and discomfort to the image. It a little weird but I think I like it.

The photo is of the late Jesse Cooper who passed away at 84 a few years ago. I would visit Jesse at an assisted living center in Mesa about once or twice a month for several years. He loved to be photographed and tell stories. This photograph was made during one of those visits.

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