Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chris Page Dead at 29

Today was a ruff day at the East Valley Tribune. In my outlook mailbox was the all-edit e-mail to the editorial staff. Former Arts and Entertainment writer Chris Page was found dead in his apartment late Sunday. Page was 29 years old. It's was apparently a suicide.

My God, I have been through this before with a very close friend. It is something that a rational person cannot explain or justify. For suicide to be a better choice than life, a person must be in a very dark place. We all have had our ups and downs and possible bouts with depression. But there is alway tomorrow and there always hope for those who seek it. Chris was laid off from the Tribune 2 weeks ago. God speed bro!


Heidi Huber said...

I remember Chris Page. That's sad.
best to get out on your own terms than on Freedom's. Wow, that's a contradiction in terminology.


I always say that suicide is like the sleeping giant. It never gets the ones that put a gun to their head and shout their intentions or the ones that hang off of a bridge. It strikes those that try so desperately to be normal and happy. Depression can be an inescapable monster. Suicide, unlike other means of death comes with horrible guilt and anger. I have been through it more times than anyone should have to, but with my experience I try to tell people that we left here to ache and mourn are only a product of our own selfishness, because we would rather have our loved ones here with us. We need to feel relief that they no longer have to face such incredible pain. My greatest sympathy to the family and friends, but I offer you advice as a survivor of multiple suicides, time WILL dull your pain and you will be suprised at what the human heart can endure and eventually learn from.