Saturday, May 3, 2008


This is my first post!  An introduction in a way.

I have looked at a lot of blogs over the past few years with owe, wonder, and question. I've watched friends and associates create interesting blogs that delve into their personal lives, their jobs, and a few just getting things off their chest.  I have seen a few that were informational.  A place you can go to learn something specific about your interests.  

I guess that is what a blog is.  A place to speak up!  A place to get your words, ideas and pictures out to a larger audience.  Whether, anyone reads it or not doesn't really matter right now.  It would be nice, but for me, right now, its the process that feels right. Maybe over time, as I gain confidence, I will feel differently. 

I have asked myself many times, why not do a blog?  Could I do this?  So far, I have had an interesting life. I  have a lot to share and pearls of wisdom for those who seek it out. 

I made it a goal this year, to grow my Internet skills and to share, who I am with people who don't know me.