Monday, December 20, 2010

Watson Lake / Peoples Valley, Arizona

Watson Lake

Peoples Valley

Prior to my friends art opening in Prescott, Arizona I went to Watson Lake which is literally a few miles form downtown Prescott. It's an incredible place with giant outcroppings of granite rocks. I wanted to get a nice picture of the place but did have a couple of challenges. I've never photographed in this area so I was unfamiliar with the location. Navigating a good location is tough because the rocks are huge and you have climb all over the place to get a good vantage point.

To my surprise Watson Lake is a park were you have to pay to get in. I didn't see the two signs that said, "closed at sunset". After I found a descent spot and the light faded to dark, I headed out to find a ranger waiting for me at my truck. He was very nice and didn't right me a ticket. I couldn't believe the park closed at sunset. How about 30 minutes or an hour after sunset. Photographers want the after light. I have to remind myself from time to time, I'm not special just because I carry a camera. I had to promise, I would fallow the rules next time and he let me go with a smile.

The second image isn't magic light and I'm positive it would be great at a different time of the day. It's a roadside shot of an open pasture with horses, Peoples Valley.

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