Sunday, August 1, 2010

Globe, Arizona

An afternoon photo extravaganza to Globe, AZ. Fall 2009. This is Ilford HP 5 B & W film and all the above pictures were made with a Hasselblad camera.

A point to make and an observation. The photographs of the copper restaurant sign, the swimming pool, and the old hotel staircase were all processed by a commercial lab. The photo of Toru at the tee pee, and the church below were also developed by a commercial lab but those pictures were made with a plastic Holga camera. You can see the uneven tonality in the cloudless sky. That's due to poor development procedures. Every time I get lazy and I don't do my own processing the negatives come out liking like garbage. It's a reminder why I should always do my own B & W processing. I'll give them a little latitude because a cloudless sky is the ultimate test for uneven development. But, I have to say this is pretty bad. This time let's call it creative liberty. Ya that's it, I did on purpose.

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