Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Jitters

I posted this shoot on A Photo A Day list serve a few days ago and had a few interesting comments. Personally, I love this image. It's one of those rare opportunities where I captured this young woman's anxiety before her wedding. It's not often a photographer is present for such a private moment.

I’m trying out a Nikon 8000 scanner with VueScan software. This image is my first attempt scanning color film . I need to familiarize myself with the scanner software but considering the age of this image (1992) I’m pretty happy with the tonality. Very little toning was done to the image. Miner adjustments in curves, vibrancy and little sharpening. The original image was made on Kodak color negative film. I used a Hasselblad CM body, normal glass and a Norman 200B flash.

While the wedding party was gathering in the sanctuary people became concerned the bride wasn’t emerging from the dressing room. When it became evident there was a problem, I went to check in with the bride. I found her on the couch crying and in the fetal position. After an intervention with friends and family she eventually got dressed and the wedding went on as planned.

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