Monday, November 1, 2010

Small Victories and Short Steps

To those that don't know this is my wife Lorie. To preface the post, I have to say I'm very proud of her. She's a 5 time Ironman finisher plus competed in the world championships in Kona, Hawaii 2009. This year she's been training for the Ford Arizona Ironman coming up mid Nov. 2010. All was going as scheduled until she decided to do a fun race in California, the Toyota Malibu Triathlon seven weeks ago. On the bike course she hit a pot hole that sent over the handle bars and onto the pavement. She broke her pelvis in four places including the sacrum. Fortunately no head injury or surgery but she's been confined to a walker for the past seven weeks.

Today was the first day she walked without the walker. She should fully recover but it's going to take months. For this years Ford Ironman race in Tempe, Arizona she wants to do the 2.4 mile swim course and then disqualify herself because she can't bike or run. She already paid the non refundable entry fee so she feels she should do it. She's a trooper but I I'm not to sure this is a good idea. The swim course can be battle zone with 2,000 people swimming over each other. But, I shouldn't be surprised she is a fighter and sitting on her butt isn't an option.

Both photo's were taken Friday morning. To no surprise the dogs name is Kona.

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The McPoland Family said...

Hi Brad,

Waht a great blog you have! I hope and pray your wife gets better quickly so she can get back to competing! She's so inspiring!!!

Mia's mom - from Cardon Children's