Monday, March 15, 2010

Bus Stop

For some reason, I enjoy taking candid pictures from the the front seat of my car. I don't have to approach people and explain my intent. What a relief it is to just see and shoot! It's a little like shooting fish a barrel. I know that's a bit of a cop-out but I still enjoy it for its candid reality. Capturing society going about daily life is an interesting challenge for me. Just as long as the subjects are not recognizable, I have no problem with the drive by. For me, it's about the way people fit into the environment and there interaction with it.

This early morning image is at a North Phoenix bus stop. I saw this unidentified man with his bike and his back to sun. I think it was all the rectangles and the vertical elements that originally caught my eye. I don't always see the elements at first. But, I get a feeling that triggers a reaction in me to make the picture. It's often the case that I see the graphic strengths of the image in post production. Of course, I'm not always happy with what I shoot but I shoot it anyway and then I decide later to keep it or delete it.

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