Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A place where time stands still

A few snaps from last weekend. I have been having fun on Saturdays jamming with a bunch of old guys. Old guys with glasses, should be the band name. We can't even call ourselves a mid-life crisis band. We are to old for that. Lorie my wife calls it Brads "Band Camp". I'm the drummer. "LOL" The last time I played live with other people, I was in High School. For all of us, it is a trip back to our youth. We pretty much suck, but once in a while we get lost in a soulful grove. Again, LOL! To much fun! This is a photo from our last jam session. Most of these guys are leaving for the summer. To bad for me! The bottom photo is of the guys tuning up and the other two pictures are from outside Marks house in Scottsdale where we jam.

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Ashley Lowery said...

I ABSOLUTELY love that you are doing this :)